Feb, 2016

Liberty Reach CO2 Cartridges Pure Unadulterated Pleasure

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Strawberry Mango Haze CO2 vape cartridgeAccording to Dope Magazine, we got to enjoy a sample of Liberty Reach’s Strawberry Mango Haze from their Pure line of premium, uncut CO2 oil. A powerful sativa pairing of Strawberry Cough and Nigerian Mango Haze. The African equatorial genetics make for a psychoactive and vigorously stretching plant, while the Strawberry Cough lends bulk and flavor.

The effects are peppy and the cartridges are great for daytime use with little risk of drowsiness. The Strawberry Mango Haze gave a quick burst of energy before rewarding with a welcomed full-body relaxation. It worked its way down my forehead slowly, relieving pain on its way through the body. The initial feeling hits hard, right between the eyes. This is nothing but straight undiluted, premium hash oil here, making for a highly potent product.

The oil is a deep amber color, so thick it doesn’t move in the chamber when held upside down. A classy gold logo marks this as part of the Liberty Reach Pure line and the mouthpiece is built for comfort. The vapor fills the air with a fruity essence leaving a pleasant aroma that a coworker remarked, “smelled of flowers and citrus” thinking it was air freshener rather than pure cannabis oil. If this strain is any indication, Liberty Reach is producing high-quality hash oil full of terpenes with effects that last.


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